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Activity & the Elderly Quiz
Doing crossword puzzles is a great activity for the brain. It increases blood flow, improves memory and can even decrease the risk of developing dementia.
Most elderly clients can participate in some type of activity, no matter what their age or health status!
ADLs are considered actual activities! Make the most of the daily routine by encouraging your client to actively participate in activities like washing, dressing, grooming and toileting!
Reading, cooking and playing board games are all examples of mental activities. All these activities require the person to use their brain to think, imagine and problem solve.
When doing activities with clients who have dementia, you should:
There are many complications that may arise from inactivity including constipation, obesity, blood clots, pneumonia, pressure ulcers and depression.
Volunteering is good for the community and can give elderly clients a sense of purpose and usefulness.
It’s okay to suggest religious or church-related activities to your clients if they are open to it. Be careful not to impose your own religious beliefs on clients. Listen to their thoughts on religion and make appropriate suggestions that apply to their beliefs.
Activities with children should be limited to one to two hours at a time. Children's energy can wear out the elderly!

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