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Confidential Information 


While caregivers do not have access to the full medical records of patients with 1st Advanced Care, they are provided with a current "plan of care (POC)" within the home which serves to guide their activity and care. This may include pertinent diagnosis, medications, allergies, care tasks and address information. As a caregiver, you must take the privacy of each patient very seriously as you are often a gatekeeper of sensitive information around their family members and friends. As part of your role, you document notes for each shift completed in a non-biased and professional manner.


Information regarding the condition, financial data, care and/or treatment of any patient must be held in strict confidence. The only time you may discuss a patient, is when it is required for the care and/or treatment of the patient. You may discuss private health information with other caregivers or the care manager involved in the direct service of that particular patient. However, you will not share private information with other caregivers working with different patients. You should never discuss confidential information with anyone outside of the offices of 1st Advanced Care or in public places.


Any confidential information regarding employees of 1st Advanced Care such as salary or any other information of a sensitive nature should be discussed only when a legitimate business reason exists and only with those individuals who have a legitimate “need to know”. Breach of confidentiality is a serious violation of 1st Advanced Care policy and could result in termination of employment.


Release of Employee Information
1st Advanced Care complies with all government regulations concerning the release of employee information. When appropriate and legally indicated, 1st Advanced Care will release information but ensures that the confidentiality of employee records will be maintained.

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