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Who We Are

Who We Serve

✔︎ The elderly

✔︎ Adults with disabilities

Fiscal Management Services

✔︎ Payroll

✔︎ Monthly budget management

✔︎ Employment tax requirements

✔︎ Enrollment support

✔︎ Customer service

Caregivers You Can Trust

Welcome to 1st Advanced Care. We’re a premier home care agency, setting the new standard for exceptional in-home care.

1st Advanced Care is a veteran-owned and operated Consumer Directed Services (CDS) agency specializing in home care and daily living assistance to an array of individuals.

It’s proven. When the home care experience is personalized and hospitable, you’re going to produce better success rates with healthier family members. So, if you’re looking for a personalized home care experience that’s affordable and accommodating, look no further.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide an environment that respects and honors the personal dignity of our clients. 1st Advanced Care provides a continuing care approach, designed to provide individuals with a viable alternative; an opportunity to continue living in their own home. The choice of having help in the home contributes to maintaining a sense of community and a lifestyle characterized by freedom, dignity, and independence.

What We Do

Our goal is to take the complexity out of managing caregivers and services through excellent customer service. On an ongoing basis,  1st Advanced Care will handle the following tasks on behalf of the consumer:


  • Collect time sheets and certify their accuracy.

  • Transmit payroll payments to the appropriate personnel on behalf of the consumer.

  • Ensure all payroll, employment, and other taxes are paid timely.

  • Ensure all employees are registered, screened, and employable pursuant to the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR), the Employee Disqualification List (EDL), and applicable state laws and regulations.

  • Perform case management activities with the consumer at least monthly to provide ongoing monitoring of the services.

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