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Certified Veteran Owned Small Business 

US Army Soldier-Veteran Owned Small Business

Richard Stanford, Veteran Owner, proudly served in the United States Army.

Veteran Serving Veterans

1st Advanced Care is proud to be Veteran Owned!

What exactly does it mean to be a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business? The business must complete a formal verification process through The Veterans Administration, but it's not enough for a Veteran to be an owner in name only.

The Veteran must:

  • own at least 51 percent of the company when applying for certification, and

  • be in control of management and day-to-day operations within the business.

In addition to confirming that the owner is indeed a Veteran, many records are evaluated to confirm that they're also in control of management and day-to-day operations. Those records include items such as partnership agreements, corporate charters, organizational charters, mission statements, inventory, service providers, bank statements and tax information.

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