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Inservice Training: Client-Centered Care

Course Description 

After studying this module, you will be able to define client-centered care; integrate your clients’ personal preferences into the care plan; communicate with clients, families and the care team in a client-centered way; discuss ways to make the physical environment more client-centered; and discuss ways to improve the emotional health of clients.


Course Objectives

  • Discuss why it is important for you to learn basic first aid and why your goal should be to NEVER have to use it!

  • Describe six basic steps for handling any emergency.

  • Recognize the difference between conditions that require basic first aid and those that require emergency medical attention.

  • Demonstrate basic first aid tips for various situations including falls, cuts, burns, seizures, and poisoning.

  • List at least four examples of safety precautions you can take to prevent injuries from ever happening.


Step 1: Review the course material by clicking the PDF icon below.

Step 2: Take the online quiz. Your answers will be electronically submitted.

  • or you can come into the nearest 1st Advanced Care office to complete quiz.

Quiz must be passed with a score of 80% or higher in order to complete the course.

Course Material


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