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First Aid Kit

Inservice Training: Basic First Aid Tips

Course Description 

An overview of basic first aid including how to react to and handle emergency situations. Includes tips on handling the top ten emergencies including falls, cuts, choking, seizures, burns and more. While this inservice can’t be used to certify your aides in first aid, it serves as a great safety orientation course.


Course Objectives

  • Discuss why it is important for you to learn basic first aid and why your goal should be to NEVER have to use it!

  • Describe six basic steps for handling any emergency.

  • Recognize the difference between conditions that require basic first aid and those that require emergency medical attention.

  • Demonstrate basic first aid tips for various situations including falls, cuts, burns, seizures, and poisoning.

  • List at least four examples of safety precautions you can take to prevent injuries from ever happening.


Step 1: Review the course material by clicking the PDF icon below.

Step 2: Take the online quiz. Your answers will be electronically submitted.

  • or you can come into the nearest 1st Advanced Care office to complete quiz.

Quiz must be passed with a score of 80% or higher in order to complete the course.

Course Material


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